This is our Journey for Power Plant Project Experiences

Contract Name Client / Main Contractor Location Year Completed Work Scope
Jawa-1 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant (1760MW) Tank Work Samsung C&T PT. Youlim Construction Technics  Cilamaya  Jul-20 Tank Shop Fabrication & Field Installation Work
Central Java 2x1000MW Coal Fire Power Plant  (Piping Field Fabrication & Installation Work) PLTU  PT. Jurong Engineering Lestari  Batang  Feb-20 Piping Work & Tank Work
PLN Muara Karang Combined Cycle Power Plant (1x500MW) Tank Work PT. PLN Persero Mitsubishi Corporation  Muara Karang  Des-17  
PLN Jawa-2 Combined Cycle Power Plant (1x800MW) Tank Work PT. PLN Persero Mitsubishi Corporation  Jawa- Tanjung Priok  Jul-17  
Civil & Arch Work of Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap  PT. PLN Persero  PT Adhi Karya  Sintang
200 MW In aggregate Off-Gas Generation Power Plant Project Posco Engineering & Construction CO.,LTD PT. Soehee Indonesia  Cilegon  Jul-13 Fabrication Sea Water Pipe
Cirebon Coal Fired Power Plant Project PT. Doosan Heavy Industrias  Cirebon  Sep-11 Coal Silo, Boiler Steel, Structutr, VAC Works, GRP, Boiler Insullation. TBN, ESP, BOP. Insulation, Road Paving & Drainage
Civil Work & CWD Canal – PLTU Pacitan PT. PLN Persero Hubei Honyhuan Power Eng. China  Pacitan  Jul-11 Civil & Piping
Site Fabricated Tanks For tanjung Priok Gas Fired Power Plant Project, Indonesia Mitsubishi Corporation Tanjung Priok  Okt-10 Engineering & Fabrication
Timble Piping- Cirebon CFPP  Doosan Marubeni  PT. Doosan Heavy Industries  Cirebon  Feb-09 Piping
Civil Work Main Building – PLTU 3 Banten PT. PLN Persero SEPCO China  Teluk Naga  Sep-09 Construction Work
Seal Well Pit, CWD Canal – Suralaya PP PT. PLN Persero PT. Rekayasa Industri  Suralaya  Mar-09 Construction Work
Civil, CWD, Supply, Fabrication & Installation Coal Bunker PT. PLN Persero PT. Rekayasa Industri  Suralaya  Nov-09 Engineering Fabrication & Installation
GIS & Substation Control Building – Suralaya PP PT. PLN Persero PT. Rekayasa Industri  Suralaya  Jun-09 Fabrication & Construction Works
Coal silo Pre-Assembly & Boiler Anchor Bolt Erection – Cirebon CFPP Doosan Marubeni PT. Doosan Heavy Industries  Cirebon  Feb-09 Mechanical & Installation Works
Site Fabricated Storage Tanks for Muara Karang Gas Power Plant Project Mitsubishi Corporation  MuaraKarang  Mar-09 Tank Engineering & Fabrication
Concrete Foundation and Structure Power Insland Area – Suralaya PP PT. PLN Persero PT. Rekayasa Industri  Suralaya  Agu-08 Civil & Construction
Wayang Windu Unit 2 Geothermal Power Project Magma Nusantara
PT. Rekayasa Industri  Pengalengan
Nov-08 Piping
Discharge Cooling Water Pipe Fab & Installation PT. PLN Persero  Lampung
Jul-06 Civil & Mechanical
Fabrication Work, MakeUp Water Tank, Erection Work, Bypass Stack & Diffuser Piping & Add.Work PT. Samsung Corporation  Bekasi  Jun-04 Mechanical
Piping Work For Paiton Private Power Plant Additional Work, Piping Work, Additional Work, fabrication of Operation, Goods PT. Shinwa E & C  Paiton  Sep-98