This is our Journey for Oil & Gas Project Experiences

Contract Name Client / Main Contractor Location Year Completed Work Scope
Cilacap Blue Sky Project (Piping and Tank Field Installation Work) PT. Pertamina Persero  Consortium – PT. Encona Inti Industri / JGC / PT. JGC Indonesia  Cilacap  Jun-18 Piping & Tank Installation Work
Medco Block A Gas Development (Aceh) Piping Shop Fabrication and Painting Work PT. Medco E&P Malaka  PT. JEC (PT. JGC Indonesia-PT. Encona Inti Industri Consortium)  Cikande Workshop  Jun-17 Piping Fabrication Work
Gas Pipeline (JBB & SBS 3) PT PGN Tbk   Jakarta Barat & Sumatra Selatan  Des-16 EPC
LBO Plant Dumai Site Turnaround 2016 PT. Patra SK  PT. Patra SK  Dumai, Sumatera  Feb-16  
Fasilitas Penimbunan Gasoline di Tanjung Uban PT. Pertamina Persero  PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA)  Tanjung Uban  Mei-16 Tank Fabrication & Installation
BP LNG Tangguh Project BP Berau  PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA)  Tangguh Sorong  Jun-16 Piping Fabrication & Installation
LOBP Monas Project PT. Shell Indonesiaa  JGC Indonesia  Marunda Tanjung Priok  Jun-15 Piping Fabrication & Installation
Banyu Urip Central Jawa 2x1000MW Coal Fire Power Plant Project Exxon Mobil Cepu Limited (E-MCL)  Tripatra Samsung Consortium  Bojonegoro  Des-14 Piping Fabrication Installation & Tank
North Duri Development (NDD) Area 13 PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia  Duri, Riau  Des-15 EPC
LBO Plant Dumai Site Turnaround 2012 PT. Pertamina Persero PT. Patra SK  Dumai  Sep-13  
UCO Balikpapan Tank Project PT. Pertamina Persero  PT. Patra SK  Dumai
Jun-12 Tank Terminal
NGL Extraction Plant PT. Perta – Samtan Gas  PT. Tripatra E & C  Prabumulih-Palembang  Nov-11 Piping, Steel Structure, Painting
Construction Service LT WUR –Package D PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia  Minas  Des-15 Construction Service for Piping, Tank, M&E, Road Improvement & Earth Works
JOB Jambi Merang Development Project HESS  PT. Tripatra  Jambi
Des-10 Steel Structure, Piping & Mechanical
LBO Plant Dumai Site Turnaround 2009 PT. Pertamina Persero PT. Patra SK  Dumai
Sep-09 Piping & Tank
Building Work Package 2 – Office Building PT. Pertamina Persero PT. Rekayasa Industri  Balongan  Mar-09 Civil & Building
L-Project PT. Patra SK  SK Engineering & Construction  Dumai  Mar-08 Civil for Mechanical & Piping
Pipeline 8″ – 11,5 Km PT. PGN Tbk  PT. Rekayasa Industri  Purwakarta  Jul-07 Piping
Pipeline PT. PGN Tbk  PT. Rekayasa Industri  Bojonegara
Mar-07 Piping
SSWJ Gas Pipeline Phase 2 PT. PGN Tbk  PT. Rekayasa Industri  Labuan Lampung  Nov-06 Civil, Mechannical, Piping, Electronics & Instrument
SSWJ Gas Pipeline Phase 1 PT. PGN Tbk  PT. Rekayasa Industri  Labuan Lampung  Des-06 Civil, Mechannical & Piping
Kufpec Phase-1 Facility Epic PJ Pipeline & Piping Work, Kufpec Phase-I Facility Epic PJ STL/STR Work, Kufpec Phase-I Facility EPIC PJ Pipe Support PT. Dongwoo Corporation  Bula  Okt-02  
Sumpal Gas Project PT. Hyundai Engineering & Construction  Jambi